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Window Cleaning

We offer various types of window cleaning. Wether it is hi-rise or low-rise, we can accomplish the task. We use hi-rise equipment, ladders, poles, water fed systems among other tools at our disposal. Projects range from commerical & apartment towers/complexes, to condo complexes & mini malls. Experience the clarity & the difference for yourself. Contact us for an estimate.

Pressure Washing

Our pressure washers assist us in getting rid of that unwanted siding dirt & debris. Commonly found on condo siding, complexes, parking bays, garage doors & others. We don't use any harmful chemicals or detergents, just psi pressure. Get that new shine, new look again. Contact us for an estimate.

Eavestrough Cleaning

We offer eaves cleaning services as well. Commonly needed in the spring & fall seasons. You never know what the wind is blowing into your gutters. Once you have scheduled service with us, we will clean the debris out of your eavestroughs. We will also check each downspout to make sure that they are all free-flowing. Save yourself the hassle of cleaning your eavestroughs and get a professional to do it for you. Contact us for an estimate.




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